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Details on Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted hair in certain parts of the body can be removed by means of highly concentrated beam of light being exposed to the hair follicles of the target area and this technique of hair removal is known as laser hair removal. This procedure works by destroying the hair follicles and is usually carried out on body parts such as legs, arms, face, and back. The laser hair removal procedure requires training for the process to be a success without damaging the skin. This is why most laser hair removal procedures are carried out in clinics though some easier to operate devices have been developed which can be used at home. The costs for this procedure might depend on a number of factors such as the size of the targeted area which has a direct correlation to the amount of time used, the number of times the procedure will be done and the clinic you visit. The procedure might be done a couple of times after the first round with weeks-time intervals for the hair follicles to be destroyed completely. Laser pulses of light are attracted to the pigment of the hair and this favors the dark hairs. Today there are multiple types of lasers that can attend successfully to various skin complexions and hair pigments. Some weeks after the first laser treatment, the hairs from the treated area starts to fall off and in a matter of some more treatments, you will be able to permanently destroy the hair follicles and no longer be bothered of having such unwanted hairs.

In some people the series of treatment might take longer due to hormonal influence but it is very normal and rarely occurs. To ensure success of the laser hair removal procedure, it is recommended to not wax or shave the hair from the target area as this temporarily removes the roots which are meant to be targeted by the laser energy. Temperature and the wavelength of the energy emitted by the laser are important factors in the efficiency of the procedure since if it’s not able to achieve the required temperature and wavelength, then the hairs might not be removed effectively. How far the laser energy penetrates into the dermal layer of the skin is directly related to the wideness of the laser beam.

Cooling equipment is usually employed in the procedure as it reduces pain and works to ensure a successful procedure has taken place. One of the reasons why laser hair removal is popular and a largely performed procedure is the applicability to most parts of the body effectively. It’s important to put much consideration on the clinic to visit so as to sure of quality services.

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