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Advantages of Network Access Control

Network access control systems are used in organizations today to protect their network from infection which can cause damage to the entire system. Below are some key areas where network access control is mainly used.

Network access control software is used by companies to control guest machine when trying to access the network. It ensures that the user can be able to access the network without interfering or endangering the network.

Also, it can be used in organizations with a large number of employees or in a small organization. NAC helps to secure the network of an organization that has many employees and many satellite offices.

Another benefit of the NAC service is that it has faster registration as well as allows automated access to the network on the same day as long as it is compliant with the security policy enforced. This will allow the computers access on the same day unlike when the request to access the network is processed manually.

NAC provides a more secure network for organizations by preventing infection from the malware. It also helps individuals who don’t have access to a secure network by providing them with a higher level of security.

A potential benefit of NAC is that it requires the computer to be updated continuously with the patches and the antivirus software. For instance, if a user is trying to access the network and their laptop is not up-to-date, the quarantine will be implemented where it is routed to only certain applications and hosts and not the rest of the network. This enables a company to restrict access to customers with unauthorized computers hence preventing hackers.

It also helps organizations to manage the numerous endpoints that are connected to the network. This can be sued to protect them from rogue and other dangerous devices. This is achieved by ensuring that the connected endpoints follow some defined polices, for instance, the type of device.

During an attack, the NAC is allowed to quarantine the machine and examine the seriousness of the attack. It will then deploy counter attacks by identifying the intrusion and monitoring activities.

It also validates all the endpoints regardless the agent running it or the operating system involved. Also, it allows the exemption of some endpoints so that they don’t have to be checked or authenticated. In addition, it provides coverage and control for all access that link the endpoints to the network like remote access and router links.

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