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Some Basic Information about Drain Cleaning – Why There are Blocks and How to Solve Them

There is a need for users in homes and buildings to have clean water and draining system that is effective so that activities in the building will run effectively. Through proper drainage of waste from the building, a healthy and safety environment and use of the owners and tenants are secured.

There are several reasons why drains could end up into a blockage. And so when this incident happens, you would require the services of a skilled plumber to carry out cleaning of the drain. With the services of a plumber, the wastes will be properly drained from the building and reassure users of a clean environment.

At some point we will experience blockage of our drains, and it is during this time that drain cleaning is needed. There are several reasons why there is blocked drains. One reason is that there could be foreign objects that are too big to pass through the drains that are flushed in toilets. Sometimes, hair are washed down the sink, have accumulated in the drainage pipes, and would result to drainage blockage. Usually, we wash down grease and fatty substances down the sink and this would result to blockage of drainage pipes once they get stuck on the sides of these pipes.

Also, when leaves are not properly swept and disposed off in garbage will find their way easily into the drainage pipes causing a blockage, and also the roots of trees, because of their nature to get water or moisture, can crack the pipes thereby causing a blockage.

A plumber can perform drain cleaning with the use of a hydrojetter. A hydrojetter is an instrument that can remove any dirt that has blocked the drains through the very high pressure of water that it releases. Lowering the hydrojetter into the drain, the plumber pushes it until it reaches the area where there is a blockage. The blockage are then broken down into small particles because of the pressurized water, particles attached on the sides of the pipes are removed, thus allowing wastes to freely flow without obstruction.

Referred to as the drain auger is the drain snake, another method to solve drain blockage, and this instrument has wires that are pushed down the drain up to the location where blockage is happening. With a motor, the wires would be turned making the objects causing obstruction to breakdown into smaller particles, then these particles are pushed down the drain also allowing wastes to flow freely down the drain.

Where the location of the blockage is, is an important consideration so that the plumber can perform drain cleaning efficiently.

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