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Why There’s a Need to Know Machine Learning, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. The specialty of computer science that deals with instructing computers to do learning without the necessary use of computer programs is called machine learning. The term was coined by the same person who defined what it is in 1959. The two main fields of artificial intelligence, namely pattern recognition and computational learning are extensively used in this field. It explores the study as well as the construction of algorithms which can learn and also make predictions depending on the available data. The use of a computer is the backbone of machine learning. Although this field is closely related to computational statistics, there are minor differences between the two. The interrelationships that exist between the devices that we use on our day to day basis is called IOT. The commonest things that can be included in an IoT may include smartphones or electronics in a building. The main aim is to connect, collect and share data as well. there is need to create access controls for devices that need to be used in IOT. This therefore brings about opportunities for direct integration of the physical world into computer based systems, thus increasing accuracy, efficiency, and other economic benefits. There are estimates by experts that in the year 2020, internet of things will comprise of 30 billion objects.
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Artificial Intelligence, also known as AI, can be defined as that intelligence machines possess that is different from human and animal natural intelligence. Artificial intelligence is when a machine imitates functions which are cognitive, that can only be associated with other human minds such as problem-solving as well as learning. Artificial Intelligence has a broad application such as the recognition of human speech, competition in games that require complex decisions to be made such as chess, auto testing of automobiles and simulated military training.
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All these three fields in computer science are closely related. There is interdependence to efficient results at work. Thus, there is no way artificial intelligence is going to work without Internet of Things and Machine Learning. These three fields are currently the most researched as they are pushing technology changes with a buzz. This is due to the fact of how useful the three fields have become useful when it comes to making predictions in accidents and crimes. They are also very important as they have enabled optimized productivity in the many industries out there. There has been a rise of firms that are doing consultations in the fields of machine learning, artificial intelligence and internet of things. This is due to the fact that there is a need for automation in each and every industry out there. There is therefore a need for industries to adapt to the three fields as it is the only way that technology is heading. For companies wishing to advance, they have to take these three fields seriously.